What's on the easel ?

Young Jersey cow " Dusty"

4th August 

Young Jersey cow

 This is a completely new tack for me, but a couple of friends have asked if I would paint a young Jersey cow and this is the start, not finished yet, what do you think ?

28th July.......finished, I think she looks kind of cute! .....


Portulet Bay, Jersey


          July 12th

 This Sunflower was causing me a few problems that I hadn't anticipated, I shall leave it for a couple of days then come back to it, and see what happens.

That's it .......finished on display at the Harbour Gallery St Aubin by the weekend.

Available soon Jersey Seascapes 2018 CALENDARS

                   June 24th

My 2018 Calendar is now available,it consisting of photographs of paintings that are on this web site, price £15.00

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"Portrait of a Lillie "

 June 10th----13th

We have an area in our garden which is a sea of beautiful white Lillie's, This is the start of my attempt to make an oil painting of one.

And now this is the finished painting.

I'm entering this "Portrait of a Lillie" into our summer exhibition £250.00 8th till 16th July.

"Portrait of a Tisane Tree"


6th June,
 I find it fascinating, that when you start a painting with an idea in your mind, then the painting takes over, it starts talking to you, and you end up with a completely different painting!     ( they're coming to take me away !!!)
"Cheers" Acrylic on canvas. 36 x 36

What's on the easel ?

29th May...... I have just made a few adjustments to this larger than normal (for me ) 3' x 3' Acrylic on canvas. 

Someone  suggested this painting should called be the          "The Ruellan coat of arms"

Plemont Bay "Looking Back"



PLEMONT BAY......"Looking Back"

This is not exactly on the easel, but I thought you may like to see....

The original oil painting of this print, was one of my favorites, it was sold at our recent,very successful, "Young at Art"  Exhibition. So I have had a double size high quality print made of it, I am really pleased with the results and thought you might like to see for yourself, this is it hanging in my lounge. ........£45 unframed 

May 26th.       

Ann Port Bay, St Catherine's breakwater in the background. Oil on canvas 20 x 14. May 15th
Pinnacle Rock, Gronez, Jersey, finished at last ! Oil on canvas 20 x 16. £250.00 Prints £50
The north west coast of Jersey rapidly becoming my favorite spot.
Created by Mick Ruellan