What's on the easel ?

Night time in St Aubins Harbour, oil on canvas 14x14. Prints £25
              November 10th
My first attempt at nocturnal painting, I really enjoyed it, I shall be trying a few more.
"The Shifting Sands" of Plemont Bay oil on canvas. 16 x 18

                20th October 

"The Shifting Sands" Plemont Bay
The Poet and the Painter

September 15th

 I have been neglecting my painting for the past month, the reason is that Richard and I have been putting together this book of his poetry and my paintings. Available from the "Blurb" company.

"Portrait of a Tisane Tree"


6th June,
 I find it fascinating, that when you start a painting with an idea in your mind, then the painting takes over, it starts talking to you, and you end up with a completely different painting!     ( they're coming to take me away !!!)
Ann Port Bay, St Catherine's breakwater in the background. Oil on canvas 20 x 14. May 15th
Created by Mick Ruellan